Atlántico House Caribo


Oyelo Giorgio


1. Giorgio By Carbone

2. Giorgio By Carbone (Tellstroem Remix)

3. Oyelo Mango

4. Oyelo Mango (Demarkus Lewis Remix)


Out October 13th´ 2017






1. Magnatronic

2. Magnatronic (Arildo Remix)

3. Nectar

4. Nectar (Danny Kotz Remix)


Out June 23th´ 2017


Usmev feat. Camilla Luna


A Reason To Dance


1. You´ll Find Your Reason To Dance

2. You´ll Find Your Reason To Dance (Johnny Fiasco Remix)

3. Maybe This Is Love


Out March 28th´ 2017


Magnus Asberg


Awaked Future


1. My Future (Original)

2. My Future (Tom Gillieron´s Our Future Dub)

3. Awakaed Future feat.Renate (Acid 303 Version)

4. Awakaed Future feat.Renate (Schmoov! Remix)

5. Awakaed Future feat.Renate (Club Mix)

6. Awakaed Future feat.Renate (Original)



Out December 26th´ 2016


Terje Saether


Reasonable View


1. Nothing But The Sea

2. Nothing But The Sea (Alex Jangle & MatztaM Remix)

3. Who's Responsible For This

4. Who's Responsible For This (Rave-enka's ansvarsfraskrivelse)

5. HAN


Out October 27th´ 2016


Sound Solutions feat.Alexander Scott


It´s All About


1. Its´s All About (Original)

2. Its´s All About  (Of Norway Version)

3. Its´s All About (De Fantastiske To Submarinering)

4. Its´s All About (Usmev Remix)

5. Its´s All About (Arildo Remix)


Out August 15th´ 2016




Future Past EP (The Remixes)


1. Forgotten (Dalminjo remix)

2. Outlands  (Pete Moss remix)

3. Weight     (Johnny Fiasco remix)

4. Shine       (Sound Solutions remix)

5. Disquis    (Demarkus Lewis remix)

6. Cellar      (Jay Tripwire remix)


Out October 16th´ 2015




Future Past EP


1. Forgotten

2. Outlands

3. Weight

4. Shine

5. Disquis

6. Cellar


Out December 2nd´ 2014.


Ivaylo & Slammer feat.Renate


Breathe Easy EP

with remixes from Kelvin K, Jarle Bråthen, Sound Solutions and Arildo


1. Breathe Easy (Original)

2. Breathe Easy (Kelvin K Playin Old School Mix)

3. Breathe Easy (Jarle Bråthen Remix)

4. Breathe Easy (Sound Solutions Remix)

5. Breathe Easy (Arildo Remix)


Out September 15th 2014.


Guide Line EP


with remixes from Demarkus Lewis, Tom Gillieron and Andre Bravo


1. Guide (Original)

2. Guide (Demarkus Lewis Rockit Lab Remix)

3. Guide (Tom Gillieron Remix)

4. Guide (Andre Bravo Remix)

5. Guide (Demarkus Lewis Rockit Lab Dub)


Out July 14th 2014.


Usmev feat.Bleu Renee


Twilight Room EP

with remixes from JT Donaldson, Chuck Love and Slammer


1. Twilight Room

2. Twilight Room (JT Donaldson remix)

3. Twilight Room (Chuck Love remix)

4. Twilight Room (Slammer)


Out June 2nd 2014.


Ivaylo & Lazy Karma


Like The Sound EP

with remixes from Jay Tripwire, Jevne and Omar V.


1. Like The Sound

2. Like The Sound (Jay Tripwire remix)

3. Like The Sound (Jevne remix)

4. Like The Sound (Omar V remix)


Out April 21th 2014.




Themes EP

with remixes from Johnny Fiasco and Arildo & Usmev.


1. Innerself feat.Renate

2. Innerself feat. Renate (Johnny Fiasco remix)

3. Pelican

4. Pelican (Arildo & Usmev remix)


Out March 11th´ 2014.