Demarkus Lewis

Known for his ability to take things to a deeper level while maintaining the energy that keeps the dance floors moving, Demarkus Lewis has grown to be one of the most diverse dance artists in underground house music today. From tech-housebombs on labels such as Nervous Records, soulful nuggets on Kingstreet Soundz, hypnotizing afro rhythms on Slip n Slide, body-jackin’ grooves on Guesthouse, deep and raw deliciousness on Lost My Dog, and everything in-between on his own Grin Music/Grin Traxx/Grin & Bass imprints, time and time again Demarkus has exhibited his staying power.


When Demarkus Lewis emerged on the scene with “Making It Happen in Kaotic Times” on Swerve Records in 1999, no one envisaged he would take the dance scene by storm by going on to release over 100 singles and remixes on some of the most respected record labels in Dance Music, all in just under a decade. Since then Demarkus has secured his spot in DJ crates worldwide with releases on Salted Music, Large Music, King Street, Nervous, Guesthouse, Audiophile, and of course Grin. Recognized and respected by his peers for his exceptional work, you’ll find his music featured on numerous dance music compilations including Seamless Recordings' Bargrooves series, DJ Mag's 'DJ Face Off' cd comp, Mark Farina's 'Live at Om' compilation on Om records, Slip n Slide presents Ibiza, and Roger Sanchez’ “Release Yourself”.


With decades of experience as a DJ, Demarkus has found himself commanding the decks of infamous venues such as Stompy (San Francisco), Club Rayo (Argentina), Metro Bass (Rotterdam), Silo (Belgium), H20 (Belgium), The Office (Republic of Georgia), Propaganda (Moscow), Neighborhood (London), and Tresor (Berlin); with repeated performances in Chicago’s world-renowned home for House Music, Smartbar.

As the owner of the successful outlet Grin Music, a thriving label which bloomed into life in 2005 as a deep house imprint but swiftly morphed into a conduit for a lush blend of house and techno through its offshoots Grin Traxx and Grin Tech, Demarkus has steadily developed for himself an empire. With a roster comprised of collaborations with DJ Mes, Boo Williams, and Glen Underground in addition to some of Demarkus’ own original work, Grin has featured well-known artists such as Chicago's Gene Farris, Timmy Vegas of Soul Central, Wally Callerio, Mikey V, Kid Enigma, and DBR aka Rhythm Slaves in addition to up-and-comers such as Mark Denim, Preach, and Joshua Kynd.


Demarkus’ relentless dedication to his craft is reflected in his busy schedule, whether he’s performing in clubs around the globe, squeezing in time for interviews, recording guest mixes for radio shows and media publications, or expanding his home base label, Grin Music. His rhythm, beats, and signature bounce are as irresistible as his DJ sets; it’s for this very reason Demarkus has firmly secured his place in dance music’s foundation for future generations, and remains in-demand by both new and old school dance music lovers worldwide.

Tom Gillieron

Producer Live/Act based in London.

Kelvin K

Kelvin K was born in England and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. After ten years in Brighton, UK he now lives in the Bay Area.


His DJ career started with humble beginnings in the House explosion that hit the West Coast of the United States in the early 90’s. During this time, he had the opportunity to cultivate his skills spinning alongside some of San Francisco biggest DJ’s.


Shortly thereafter, he moved to Philadelphia and became acquainted with DJ’s Josh Wink and King Britt - an exposure that led him to be inspired creatively and continue to hone his skills as a DJ.


During a short period in the South-East of the United States he opened the only dance music specialty shop for the entire southern region and had a 3 year radio show on WPAL.


His knowledge and work ethic placed him as studio manager of San Francisco’s infamous Moulton Studios, known worldwide for its heavy involvement in the careers of some of the hottest producers in House music. He has gone on to work as Label Relations director for, one of Europe’s premier DJ download sites. He now works for Loopmasters and continues to dj and produce.


Over 15 years behind the decks have seen him play alongside some House music’s key djs and producers, including Garth, Jeno, Raoul Belmans, Demarkus Lewis, Luke McKeehan, Buck, Chris Lum, Jay-J, Julius Papp, Miguel Migs, Iaian Carey, Mazi, Charles Spencer, King Britt, Olivier Desmet, DIY, To-Ka Project, Asad Risvi, Jay Tripwire, Jake Childs, Joey Youngman, Johnny Fiasco, Pete Moss, Larry Heard, Jovonn, Brett Dancer, David Harness, East Coast Boogiemen, Justin Long, Andy Compton, Inland Knights and Victor Simonelli.


Kelvin has released music on Tango, Spacekat, Soulstar, Conya, Multitracked, Nordic Trax, On The House, NY Soul, Lost My Dog, Hudd Traxx, Raisani, and Greenhouse. His releases have received strong acclaim in IDJ and DJ magazine’s hype chart.

Pete Moss

Philadelphia based Pete Moss knows a thing or two about house music. Having traveled all over the world in search of the ultimate underground dance floors, and releasing over 150 projects on top labels, he's only just begun leaving his mark on the dance music world. His first 20 years of being a D.J/ Producer have been nothing short of incredible. Releasing originals, remixes, Albums and Mix comps on cutting edge labels such as, Ovum, Dessous, ALola, Definity, Large, Seamless, I records, MN2's, Acryl and dozens of others, as well as his own underground Recline imprint, he's made his mark in the deep tech world and then some.


Always following new talent as well as his original musical inspirations, Pete has been remixed by some heavy hitters, including Josh Wink, The Timewriter, Satoshi Tomiie, Joshua Iz, Omid 16b, just to name a few. As well as doing his own remixes for artist such as Andreas Saag, Mateo&Matos, Kevin Yost, The Timewriter, Onur Ozman, Scope, Fer Ferrari, The Rurals, Greenskeepers, Stan Kolev, Jay J, Daniel Kyo and many others.


Known as one of the finest late night/underground Dj's on the map, Pete has a reputation for giving his all at every gig and leaving people touched and inspired by his signature deep and eclectic sound. Including crushing it at Fabric London, La Terrazza Barcelona, Roxy Prague, Salon Daome Montreal, Harlot San Francisco, KiNg King L.A. The Arches GLasgow, La Santanera PDC Mexico, Rioma Mexico City, Smartbar Chicago, Living Room Miami, to name a few.


Luckily he has no plans to slow down, he has big plans for 2014 already, including a monster of a new release for Ovum, new original album in the works, and another busy year playing his heart out.


Norwegian Ole "Dalminjo" Granli's career in music spans over 13 years from his early drum'n'bass and down tempo productions under the ORG Lounge pseudonym to the adaption of the Dalminjo name in 2002 and shifting his musical style in the direction of House music. Working closely with swedish label Deeplay Music on numerous singles such as "Bossa Note", "And She Said", "Despacito" and also the release of two full length albums "Fjord Fusioneer" (2003) and "One Day You'll Dance For Me, Tokyo" (2006). With these singles and albums Dalminjo enjoyed great critical acclaim and success especially in Japan and South Korea which he toured on numerous occasions in the first part of the 2000's.

After this part of his career, Dalminjo found himself more and more comfortable in the genre Soulful House and released his first single after parting with Deeplay Music on Reel People's label Papa Records in 2008. "I'll Wait" was his first of many collaborations with songwriter and vocalist Lenny Hamilton. With remixes by Ian Friday it made it all the way to #2 in Traxsource's overall top 100 singles. It was followed by "Nothing Can Separate" also with Lenny Hamilton and remixes by Jon Cutler. Since then Dalminjo has stayed on the soulful side of house and released his music on labels like GOGO Music, Stalwart, UDM Show, Look At You, Gotta Keep Faith and now Limestone Recordings.

De Fantastiske To

Ravi Brunsvik and Marius Sommerfeldt aka De Fantastiske To are competent record collectors , producers and renowned DJs in Oslo´s club-scene. Their productions are often described as modern club music with a twist of old school , where rhythm boxes, acid generators and jazzy rhodes meets the dance floor.

Of Norway

Of Norway is a duo from Oslo, Norway with releases and remixes on esteemed labels such as Connaisseur Recordings, Darkroom Dubs, My Favourite Robot, Supernature, Suruba and Soma, to mention a few. In 2014 they released their debut full length album Accretion on Connaisseur Recordings. 2015 looks promising with forthcoming releases on Skint, Darkroom Dubs, Secret Life as well as a much anticipated remixes from the Accretion album by Adriatique, Eric Volta, Lehar, The Drifter and Dance Spirit on Connaisseur Recordings.

Of Norway’s live set has taken them to play legendary clubs like Fabric (London), Tresor, Bar25 & Katerholzig (Berlin), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Pfingstweide (Zürich), PropagandaClub (Moscow) and many more. Their live sets are, like their productions, a little quirky and melodic, but with a clear house and techno influence.

Camilla Luna

Camilla Luna is Norwegian/Uruguayan singer & songwriter based in Oslo, Norway. Camilla is a versatile vocalist that has solid roots in Soul & Jazz, and with a strong connection to club-music, working comfortably within electronic soundscapes. Her sound is Futuristic, Wonky & Bumpy, but with clear references to the 80s, Funk/Jazz/Soul, Hip Hop, R'n'B. Raw Futuristic Soul might describe it...


Oslo based producer, dj and live performer.

Terje Saether

Oslo based producer and dj.

Alex Jangle

Oslo based producer and dj.


Oslo based producer and dj.


Bulgarian born, based in Copenhagen.


Ivaylo is the last of the true Deep House soldiers, where deep is a feeling rather than a sound and House is an attitude more than a genre. His career is rooted in Communist Bulgaria where as a youngster he played the drums and collected rare Jazz tapes his father helped procure from shadowy figures. It wouldn’t be long before Ivaylo would journey into electronic music, turning his attention from rare Jazz tapes to drum and bass and eventually House. Ivaylo remembers crackling telephone calls from this time, requests for friends to bring over the latest records from places like London, records that shaped Ivaylo’s love for House music and his perpetual love for the party and the colour in music.


As Bulgaria shook off the last of its communist sensibilities and became a republic, Ivaylo took to the beaches of his hometown in Varna and fell in love with the deep house sound floating over from the states. LTJ Bukem opened up this world for the latent Bulgarian DJ, and when the first house club, Comics opened in post-communist Bulgaria, Ivaylo became an essential member of the family as a programmer for the venue, bringing over the rising Deep House stars from the states, producers and DJs Ivaylo would eventually call friends. These friends would include people like Patrick Turner from Baltimore, whose invaluable production experience helped cement Ivaylo’s own skills in the studio. It was a time of deep exploration for Ivaylo and with friend and mentor Johnny Fiasco pushing the Bulgarian DJ forward Ivaylo soon started displaying the skills behind the decks that would see him travel the world as an underground House DJ in demand.


Ivaylo would play everywhere from London to Moscow and in the early 2000’s Ivaylo settled in Oslo, while preaching the wave of deep house, taking in the influences of his newly adopted home while expanding on his own musical education. A regular fixture in Oslo’s music scene since he’s played a fundamental part in bringing Deep House to the region through events, festivals and recently his own label, Bogota records. Established out of Oslo in 2014, the label is Ivaylo’s love for music and the deep personified through the music of his peers and his solo work. The Bogota family is an international one, with new Friends joining old Friends like Johnny Fiasco, who masters all the label’s releases and appears on some of the remixes from the label. Since its inception Bogota has been lighting up on-line charts like Traxsource and with the label now in its second year a showcase component has also been added to the label, showcases that will be travelling to Berlin and Barcelona and extend the Bogota family.


Ivaylo will invariably join these showcases bringing the love and the deep in his sets wherever he goes, and when he’s not working on his next release for Bogota, you will find him behind a set of decks, doing what he does best.

Johnny Fiasco

This DJ and producer from Chicago has spent the last 20 years contributing his music to the global dance music community. His music stems from his grounded Chicago roots and continues to influence the deep house genre of dance music. From acid house down to organic soulful melodies, his style is always composed of musical peaks and valleys. With well over 150 remixes, works include: Justin Timberlake, Bob Sinclair, Dj Sneak, Armando, Bassnectar, Kaskade, Paul Johnson,Samantha James and Soulstice just to name a few. Passion for production and remixing has come a long way. And he's just getting started. Stay tuned for future updates.

Jay Tripwire

Vancouver , Canada based DJ and Music producer, specializing in Hi tek Soul, deep house and tech house.

"A full pelt wavering between tribal moments,& more modest slabs of Detroit-inspired soul.

The crowd respond at every turn." - Steve McLay, DJ MAG Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as industry staple and ever changing innovator, releasing one standout release after another. His signature fusion of deep Detroit textures and intricate rhythms has led a career spanning two decades, with over 200 vinyl releases, 2 commercial mixed cd compilations, and four full length albums.


Known for playing live bass guitar along with his dj sets, Jevne has really set him self apart! Jevne has been mixing and playing bass for over 16 years and funks out a six string bass over original house music & edits while live in the mix!



Jevne found his love for dance music back in the late 80's going to rave events in Minneapolis. His passion for the music later led him to pick up djing in Colorado in 93 where he played numerous events. He relocated back to Minneapolis in 98 where he became the buyer and manager of Let it Be Records, a highly respected shop to may top DJs. Jevne also has been involved with some of the largest events to happen in Minneapolis from the rave days to his present Onethirty traveling events.


Jevne's production has appeared on many respected labels & compilations including: Jay-J's label Shifted music, Johnny Fiasco's Klassik Fiasco, Eighth Dimension, Conya, Coastline, Chillin, Kolour, Revival, Clubstar, Native Soul and more. His tracks have been remixed by the talents of Chuck Love, Tony Thomas, Fred Everything, Manuel Tur, Asad Rizvi & Justin Martin to name a few. In the past 3 years Jevne has consistently traveled the world over playing live bass guitar along with his Dj sets, his talents have brought him to parts of South America, Europe, Switzerland, Canada and all over the United States for gigs! Keep your eye & ears on Jevne & Onethirty Recordings!


ARILDO aka ARILDO DILDO alias Arild López


The name Arildo Dildo has an legendary status in Oslo, the city where this hyper-creative eccentric grew up.  His name is synonymous with diverse experimental music, open-mindedness and a uniquely alternative experience.

Arildo has been providing club crowds in Oslo with an entire techno scene ever since he totally converted to it after

experiencing the early acid-house in the early nineties.

From his background of playing drums in several hardcore punk bands and literally growing up in the middle of his

Spanish father's enormous record collection, he began managing his first record store in Oslo when he was only 18.


Arildo has been playing regularly at Moog club in Barcelona since 1999, and is now even more often to bee seen behind the decks after relocating permanently there in 2004. Seemingly born to be a dj, he specializes in a what he describes as futuristic hi-tech funk, but can also be found at residencies in Oslo playing everything from disco to

afro-beat, new wave to no wave at all.

 He is currently running the label Cymasonic Recordings together with Trulz and Robin and is planning to start a vinyl-only label together with the crew

from Subwax BCN where he is currently working.....stay tuned.


Born in Barcelona, Usmev learned to play piano and guitar at the conservatory during his childhood, and started deejaying at age of 16. His first tracks were released on 2001. Nowadays he’s releasing music on labels such as Resopal Schallware (DE), Dubhe Recordings (ES), Sintetics Digital (ES), Tenampa Recordings (MX), Cymasonic Recordings (ES) and Monza Ibiza Records (ES).


Usmev has shared decks alongside artists such as Redshape, Anton Pieete, Lee Van Dowsky, Mirko Loko, Miss Yetti, Undo, Trujillo, Russ Gabriel, Djinxx, Luna City Express and Maurice Aymard, among many others. His releases have received the support from artists such as Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Estroe, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Brendon Collins, Nick Chatelain and Axel Bartsch, among many others.


Renate Rubini is an Norwegian artist of many qualities, but mostly known for her voice. She moves in a varied landscapes but has soul, rock-popp as her main platform. You might find her in a accustic setting only companied by her guitar, with a big band in one of the Oslo´s clubs, just as likely as preforming at an art exhibition or spreading her music on a local stage- supporting a case she believes in.


The 25 years old Norwegian singer has previous released a singel with the two Sweedish rappers Timbuktu and Promoe. Her vocal came out in 2013 on the London based duo Dubinsky´s release "Mind" EP for Drumpoet Community as well as on the Chicago based Chicanotrax recordings for the "Invisible Solution" EP by Slammer & Ivaylo.

We are happy to have Renate in our family with the next release "Themes" EP by Ivaylo.

Lazy Karma

Lazy Karma is too lazy to be able to write biography.

Stay tuned!

Omar V

Dj Omar V has been playing records out in clubs since the early 90's. In addition many know him as the record pusher behind the counter in legendary Norwegian record shops such as HS Records, OsloScope Records, Mezzoforte Music and Fotokopi Platebar.

With his distinctive good mixing skills and a sharpened ear for what works on the dance floor, it will be difficult to stand still when this man takes control.

When Omar plays smaller clubs, his style automatically becomes more eclectic and the music he serves up in larger venues can be described as a good blend of House, Techno, Electro and Acid.

Ole Martin Vilberg as his mother likes to call him, is in the studio theses days making music and hooking up with like minded producers cooperating on different projects. Previous releases that can be mentioned are; One mood by Mood Makers (Olaf Hund from Paris And Omar), Robin C & Omar V - Complete on world famous label Full Pupp, his remix of Ivaylo´s Raspy track on Oh So Coy recordings and just out a Italo discoish remix on a Jarle Bråthen track, also on Full

JT Donaldson

With over 300 productions to his credit and numerous DJ sets all around the globe under his belt, JT Donaldson has definitely left his mark on modern dance music. Originally from Dallas Texas, JT got his start listening to the productions coming out of Chicago, New York and Detroit. After a few years of practice in his home studio, JT relocated to Chicago. Learning, listening, collaborating and just hanging out with the now legendary Chicago artists and Dj’s had an affect and played and important roll in his production career. JT then headed west to Los Angeles for a period of four years. He then moved to San Francisco, continued on to Brooklyn, NY for 2 years and now resides back in his hometown of Dallas, TX. While his restless nature and nomadic behavior may seem strange to some people, the experiences are what drives this artist to keep being creative and strive for innovation in his music.

Chuck Love

For 20 years, Chuck Love has embed & spread his unique brand of high energy, House Music around the globe. Hailing from the US, Chuck’s releases can be found on OM, Salted, Onethirty, Celebrity, Lingo, Chillin’ Fresh and Tango labels